New Years 2023: The VRChat Entertainment Network

Exclusively for VRChat New Years 2023: Introducing the VRChat Entertainment Network!

VRChat is running a fully managed video stream consisting of both live and pre-recorded content for New Years Eve 2023!

The stream will start at the first official New Years celebration: UTC +14, Kiribati, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It will continue onward, with peak hours highlighted by live music content from various VRChat communities! We’ll be publishing a schedule at a later time.

However, during transitions, waiting periods, and timezones where we aren’t playing live content, we want to play all kinds of prerecorded content! This is where you come in.

Do you:

  • Want to show off your community?
  • Make a world in VRChat?
  • Make avatars?
  • Tell stories?
  • Run an event?
  • Make animated content?
  • Make music?
  • Dance?
  • Want to make sure everyone stays hydrated?
  • Want to wish the entirety of VRChat a Happy New Year?

Can you think of literally anything even remotely VRChat related that’ll fit in a video?

Now’s your time!

Create whatever you like, submit it here, and we’ll take a look. As long as you follow the rules and the video is good, we’ll play it!

Content Guidelines

  • Your content must follow the VRChat Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • Do not use your video to advertise a real product. This includes digital or physical products, services, or storefronts, Patreon or Patreon-like profiles, or any other link or content intended to solicit money from the viewer.
  • Avoid using links, QR codes, bar codes, or other similar information in your video. It’ll complicate the review process and we may reject the video.
  • Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch links are fine. Just keep in mind we’re going to look at what you’re linking to, and if it seems off, we’ll reject the video.
  • Discord links are only OK if your server is in the Discord Community program. This makes it a lot easier for us to not have to worry about the content of your Discord server.
  • Do not use harsh video or audio. Excessively loud audio or shocking/harsh visuals will be rejected.
  • Avoid using lots of text or small text. In addition to being difficult to review, depending on the stream quality, the text may not be readable.
  • Keep your content appropriate. Aim for “family-friendly”.
  • VRChat reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason, at any time, with no obligation to disclose the rejection or the reason for rejection.
  • You may or may not be informed if your video is used in our stream. We’ll try to inform users if/when we’ll use their content. However, considering the amount of content we expect to get and need to use to fill the time, this may not be feasible.

License Requirements

Here’s the legalese version you have to agree to in the submission form:

By checking the “I Agree” checkbox below and submitting this form, you agree to VRChat’s Terms of Service (“TOS”) and agree that the content you are submitting shall be considered “User Content” thereunder, for purposes including but not limited to the license grants governing User Content provided in Section 9 of the TOS.

Roughly summarized, in order to submit video content to us, you have to have the capability to grant us license to the content as defined in our Terms of Service when we talk about “User Content”. Usually, this means that you made the content.

Technical Guidelines

  • 1080p @ 30FPS. 16:9 aspect ratio, landscape. No portrait video.
  • Video: h264 at most 4000kbps.
  • Audio: AAC, ~96kbps.
  • At least 10 seconds long, and no longer than 10 minutes. If you want to submit a longer video, submit a concept and give us a REALLY good reason, and we’ll consider it. But probably not. Stick to sub-10 minutes.
  • No watermarking. This includes TikTok watermarking. We will overlay your name as submitted to give credit.
  • You must submit a final version. Although you can submit a concept or a draft video to our form with a YouTube link, the final version MUST be submitted via Google Drive. Any submissions without a final version will not be used.

What do I maaaaake

Honestly anything you want, as long as it’s remotely VRChat related.

Here’s some more examples:

  • A showcase of VRChat worlds
  • A fake commercial for a product that doesn’t exist
  • Highlight clips of VRChat events you’ve run
  • A mini-documentary on X VRChat subject
  • A short comedy show
  • A clip of you and your friends wishing everyone a happy new year
  • A nonsensical and completely incorrect “late night cable TV” instructional video on how to make avatars
  • A “found footage” segment where I’m not getting lost in the Backrooms, but instead I’m getting lost in the search results for “The Backrooms” in VRChat
  • A safari expedition into VRChat where you record a documentary on all the different people staring into mirrors

Here’s one someone on our team made. It’s very cute.

How do I make it?!

You can just straight-up record in VRChat if you want, zero editing. Use OBS!

Of course, if you want to do something a bit more complicated, a bit of editing will probably help.

If you want to do some editing, here’s some recommendations:

  • DaVinci Resolve has a free version but it’s pretty complicated and might be overkill.
  • Pitvi is pretty good, albeit it has a bit of clunk. That being said, it’s Free and Open Source Software
  • Shotcut’s interface is a little clunky, but its decent for basic edits
  • Oddly enough, Microsoft Photos Legacy is a video editor and it isn’t the worst thing out there (and its free)

When’s it due?

Edit: 12/28/22 About 20 days ago. Sorry!

How do I check on my submission’s status?

Click here. Search for your name or your video’s title, if you have multiple submissions.

I got a “No” or a “Resubmit”! wtf!!

If you got a “No”, it’s because our reviewers determined the content violated one of the tech or content guidelines. They’ll note it in the comments. You can try to submit a new version if you’d like, but the reviewers marked it as such because they don’t think it’s possible to fix with an edit due to technical or content-related issues. But you’re welcome to try anyhow, if you’d like.

If you got a “Resubmit”, you can probably fix the issue fairly easily with a cut or re-encode.

i have a question

that’s fine! ask here, I’ll try my best to answer or find you an answer


This is going to be fun to watch!

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indeed will be pretty interesting to watch. ^-^

If we have a community that wants to work on a series of videos under one “Brand” and have them play spread out is that okay? Or should should we stick to one officially for our community?
Thank you!

go for it, having a spread of them sounds fun

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What are the guidelines on music? That seems like a pretty important topic; one which I’d assume would have to be completely copyright-free?

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  1. Are we allowed to submit multiple videos? Any maximum number of submissions?

  2. Are we allowed to submit content that has been published on another platform (eg. YouTube, TikTok)?

  3. Regarding dance video, is copyrighted music allowed?

  4. Since we are not allowed to do any kind of self promo in the video, are we allowed to at least introduce each other’s name verbally? …Like “This is me, this is A, this is B, and this is C”.

  5. If I were to create and submit a fake intro for a fake TV show, am I allowed to write the fake cast names on the screen when the cast is on the screen? Or does this fall under self promo?

  6. What is the expected frequency of the submission showing in between livestream?

These are all the questions I have so far. I’m gonna start planning ASAP! :tada:

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Am I allowed to upload my submission to Youtube after the deadline?

If you submit content, you have to agree to a portion of our TOS as stated. That part of the TOS assumes you have the rights to submit that content, so, you need to have rights to the music used.

Yep, that’s fine. Within reason, I guess?

Sure, but we don’t want platform badges (like TikTok) and we don’t want portrait-oriented video.

I’m kinda thinking about the best way to do this without us having to examine hundreds of Twitter profiles and Discord servers. Hmm…

Open to ideas!

Nope you’re good

While the live stream is going? Probably not hyper often, a handful between sets to fill deadtime and transition time.

You’ll see way more when the live stream isn’t going.

Like on your own? Sure, you can do what you like with your video outside of submitting it to us


Will an archive be available after NYE on Youtube?


Can it just be a slideshow of pictures i’ve taken with my friends on vrc?

so i might do something for this

No, it will not be archived.

I think that’s probably okay, but why not record a short “Happy New Year” with your friends? It’d be kinda hard to green-light a 2 minute long slideshow.

What do you mean no self promo? It says we can show off our community and when I said I was gonna do a video on my club Tupper said he’s looking forward to it. I’m confused.

It’s a weird line we’re trying to establish. bear with me a sec.

  1. We definitely don’t want people promoting products, Patreons, etc. That’s no good
  2. We don’t mind people promoting communities, worlds, etc, but…
  3. We don’t want to have to dig through Twitter profiles and Discord servers

So… we don’t mind if you “advertise” your VRChat club, venue, event, etc. We just want to make sure we’re making it easy for you to get your content onto the screen.

We also want to avoid the situation where someone goes to a Discord link they saw on the screen and its some kind of terrible server or unmoderated space. I’m sure that’s unlikely but I’ve got to cover these bases.

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on this particular point so give me a bit and I’ll reword/adjust it.

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Here’s what I just adjusted.

I removed the previous rule preventing you from submitting things with links in it, and added two new rules.

You can link to some popular sites, and you can link to Discord servers, but only if the Discord server is in the Community program.

  • Avoid using links, QR codes, bar codes, or other similar information in your video. It’ll complicate the review process and we may reject the video.
  • Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch links are fine. Just keep in mind we’re going to look at what you’re linking to, and if it seems off, we’ll reject the video.
  • Discord links are only OK if your server is in the Discord Community program. This makes it a lot easier for us to not have to worry about the content of your Discord server.

Does this seem good?



Ya. For sure I understand where you’re coming from and I agree. I wouldn’t promote anything but the server and I would for sure not include any links. (My server isn’t even public in that sense so you can only join if I give you an invite directly). Appriciate the response.

Heya, I get the whole “no storefront” and no advertising guideline, but at the same time you would like clips showing off avatars - we recently got a teaser video for our avatar work created and it shows them off really well! Now there’s obviously links in there of where you can buy them. If those would be removed, so it’d be only the avatars and their names, possibly our brand logo, would that be something you’re looking for? Or would you only want us to show avatars that aren’t available for sale…?
It’s a really well made 30s clip from a videographer :smiley:

we have already filmed parodies of trailers of real movies can we send them? And if our videos are 21:9 and the required format is 16:9, do we have to cut the video or will the black bars at the top and bottom be okay?