New Years 2023: The VRChat Entertainment Network

Hi, I have a question… I have many friends who are interested in this, but they want to know if they can make the video in our language, we are almost all from Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, etc.) so we speak Spanish. Would there be any problem with it? Obviously we are going to fully respect the rules

Is it okay to make fake commercials for items in worlds, or would this count as promotion?

An example, a fake advertisement for the fries they serve in Kitchen Cooks and how delicious they may be.

Would it also be alright to add a credits reel at the end of the video if multiple people were involved?

Is a recreation of an old commercial for a real cd collection from back in the 90s be ok?

I think in this case you could, perhaps, link to an avatar world where you have samples?

That’s fine. Please crop the video yourself!

I don’t think there’s any issue with this, but we’ll have to track down someone that speaks Spanish (not an issue on our team) to validate the words spoken and text shown, so keep that in mind.

This is all OK!

ABSOLUTELY, precisely the correct vibe

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  • Do not use your video to advertise a real product. This includes digital or physical products, services, or storefronts, Patreon or Patreon-like profiles, or any other link or content intended to solicit money from the viewer.

For clarification, is advertising free/open-source editor scripts or other VRChat-related content/tooling considered acceptable?

Yes. This is an exception I am 100% okay with.

If it is a tool that is sold, then it needs consideration, and probably won’t be okay, since that’s selling a product.

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So video should have constant bitrate or variable, or it doesnt matter?

Variable is fine, but it should have a max/target of 4000.

We chose this bitrate to ensure that the video has enough room to avoid h264 compression artifacts while meeting/exceeding the bitrate that we plan on streaming at.

In short, exceeding the bitrate here will not only cause larger file sizes, but will also be useless, as it’ll get re-compressed in the stream back down.

Its just in the form it was written that the video can be up to 10 gb and I was a little shocked given that my 2.5 minutes took ~ 40 mb. So I had a question, maybe you need a constant bitrate and you yourself will convert it or something like that. Okay, if it’s not important, it’s okay. So the main thing is the maximum bitrate 4k

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Another question about music. What if we want to use someone else’s music with the author’s permission. Will it be enough that the author replied with consent in private messages? And there will be no problems with the fact that the words in the music are not in English?

How would you feel about 10-second bumpers/idents? I think it might be something cool to make?

You’ll need to consult the TOS there, I can’t help you with that. You need the rights to submit the content per those terms.

That’s fine.

That’s fine!

Thanks for letting us know

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I’d like to throw in a video about my Youtube channel, if acceptable. It’s focused on VRChat avatar feature tutorials, like flight, invisibility, or chairs. The iffy part is that I do mention paid commission and tutoring services at the end of each one. D: Those mentions are brief, and only at the end of the videos. Plus, the video I’d submit for the stream itself wouldn’t make any mention of it. Would that be acceptable? :x …I suppose there’s no harm in just making and submitting it, and whatever happens is what happens, but I’m a worrywart.

Should be fine as long as its not in the video you’re submitting!

I have an idea. It won’t be hard for you, just like in the good old days with the worlds? Make a google sheet and mark there which videos are accepted and which are not? (perhaps even with comments so that the video can be corrected and sent again) At the moment it would be a shame if you sent a video and then it was not there

So cool, Gonna get to work on this now :slight_smile:

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@tupper Pardon me for the tag, but is there a limit to how many videos we can post?

Let’s say “a reasonable number”. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out how much that is, lol.