Will the links be able for New Years to the Vrchat community? (NYE Links)

Good afternoon, I own a semi-large community with in VRChat and we plan to watch the New Years Event with in the world.

So, the question is will you bless the community with the stream links? This is going to be my Fourth New Years, you guys do such a good job it would be an horror to stream the NYE event in my worlds. Have a happy holiday, be safe.

You got “ducked by autocorrect” as it is sometimes known.

If they don’t make stream URL available beforehand, it is available in log file, and VRCCDN should have instructions for URL construction, so with a PC link you could figure out quest link or the other way around.

If you’re on quest, logging has to be turned on, no idea but it shouldn’t take you more than a day or two to search it. So at worst you miss out on kiribati.

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