Why is there no version of VRChat for PS4 or PS5?

This is something that has been bothering me for a while, I’ve always wanted to know… but why is there no version of VR Chat for PS4 (or PS5 now that PSVR 2 is coming out), wouldn’t that be better for the ‘‘game’’ since VR is still very niche in some countries and would that increase the playerbase?

This is something that bothers me because the other VR options are still quite expensive where I live, even the Oculus Quest 2 which is the cheapest I still can’t find a used one for less than R$2,600 ( it’s usually for R$ 2800 to R$ 3100 which is quite expensive here in Brazil ), PSVR on the other hand I can easily find it for R$ 1200 to R$ 1800 which is much cheaper than any other VR I could find here in Brazil and I really wanted to try VR Chat in VR, i’ve dreamed about this for a few years now but i never had the money to buy any other VR.

Come on… even Zenith: The Last City won a PS4 version in February (and also a Steam and Quest 1/2 version) and this game is an MMORPG with crossplay between all platforms, even if the VR Chat version for PS4 was paid or not compatible with all maps as it is in the first version of Oculus Quest I would still buy it because it would be much cheaper for me than selling one of my kidneys to buy another VR option.

Is there any chance of the game getting a PS4 version in the future? (which I think is very unlikely… but I wonder if the PS5 with PSVR 2 will have any luck)

I think the ball for this is in Sony’s park.

But I can think of a few reasons it’s not happening.

Vrchat relies on third party community developers to make content for it.

Without the cross platform, and without the custom content there’s not much there.

And Sony would need to be willing to allow for this kind of stuff. Something they’ve been very reluctant to allow.

Would be a nightmare to maintain.

You hav to download a crap load of assets everytime you play VRChat, the PS5/PS4 would probably buckle under the constant downloads and likely fill up in space pretty quickly.

ontop of the aditional development time to focus on a likely inferior version of the gam eit seems more logical to just make the game PC only.

But Zenith: The Last City is a crossplay MMORPG and this game is on PS4, Quest and Steam VR.

Not to mention that Dreams (which is basically Sony’s Mario Maker) has as much freedom as VR Chat, it even has creations like Nintendo games over there and this game is on PS4.

But there are other games that do just that on PS4.

Zenith and Dreams are not comparable, they both run all their content on a server that is streamed to the playstation - VRChat requires users to download all content they interact with.