Any plans to release VR Chat on PSVR 2 or are we going to be ignored again?

So, I understand why the game didn’t make it to PS4’s original PSVR, the hardware wasn’t as strong as the PC (although still… it was much more powerful than both Quest and Quest 2) and it used a system of totally different tracking, it would be extremely difficult to port VR Chat to it, I get.

But now we have PSVR 2 on PS5 which is much more powerful than PS4 and which uses the same kind of tracking as current VRs, many devs have already said that it is ridiculously easy to port something from PC and Quest to PSVR 2 and with graphics upgrades and etc… so is there any chance we finally see PSVR 2 get a VR Chat version?, I play on Quest 2 which is extremely limited, it would be amazing to be able to play on PS5 without these limitations since my PC is not so good for VR.

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I wouldn’t hold your breath. Sony tends to be much more controlling of their store than, say, Steam or Oculus. They generally don’t take so kindly to a game that relies on user-generated content, especially when some of that content is ripped Sony IP.


Other companies have paid to put their content on PSVR2, I suspect they won’t let the rabble in for free.

I would have agreed with that a few years ago, but nowadays I really can’t say if that’s the case.

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Actually, it’s the same case in every game store regardless of PC, Console or VR Headset. (Steam, Quest Store, Epic Store, eShop, Microsoft Store and PS Store)

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How is Sony for interoperability these days? VRChat might need to become as big as fortnite for Sony to even think about it.

I guess discord is a move in the right direction.

It’s funny because I remember they said they were considering releasing tthe VR Chat for Playstation VR on PS4 in 2017:

After that, they never commented on anything, they didn’t confirm if VR Chat will come to PSVR, and they didn’t even say that they have no plans to release it.

Honestly, I think it would be good to talk at once if they are going to launch it or not. (and if they didn’t, it would be good to explain why)

With how VRChat works, especially with all the user generated content I don’t think for a second that the question is if VRChat wants to be on the platform, it’s all a question of what Sony would require to be done to let VRChat onto the platform.

I suspect we’d only see the result of such negotiations in the form of the app being there, if Sony asks for too much, like okay only black cat instances and avatars look like altspacers, I don’t see VRChat telling us about it.