VRChat on the Pico 4

Hi there!
I’ve been looking forward to properly joining the VR chat community for years now, but the unavailability of the Meta Quest 2 and its lower IPD has really turned me off from buying it anytime soon. However, the Pico 4 just released in germany aswell, and it boasts much higher specs and a wider ipd range which falls closer in line with my own.
Since I know that many other german people are looking for ways to join the community, I would like to ask about a potential release of VR chat on the Pico 4. Is it something the devs have been discussing, as the Pico 4 is a direct competitor to the Quest 2, or is it not possible to port the game to that device?
I’d really like to know more, as I won’t be buying a headset until I know for sure that it’s available on there. Thanks for reading!