Pico 4 support?

although i play in desktop mode, i LOVE VRChat and i recently purchased a Pico 4 for other VR games. After buying it, i started to wonder if VRChat will ever come to the Pico 4 store. It has better specifications than the quest and Pico are offering money to devs to port their game over. I really hope it’ll come to the Pico store soon. Thank you!

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while the first link would be a perfect answer why was the second one included as it stands both Quest and Pico 4 run on Android and use the same chip the only difference is the Pico’s processor has a higher clock than the quest which allows the pico 4 to push out a bit more of performance. so in the end this wouldn’t change the fact that they could use the Quest version of avatars on the pico 4 as well the biggest hurdle is them having to add the SDK Support for Pico into the game and then also having to publish it on the store.

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I’ve seen other discussions about pico 4 call out an API update that needs to happen at some point. OpenVR to OpenXR I believe.