Pico 4 support?

although i play in desktop mode, i LOVE VRChat and i recently purchased a Pico 4 for other VR games. After buying it, i started to wonder if VRChat will ever come to the Pico 4 store. It has better specifications than the quest and Pico are offering money to devs to port their game over. I really hope it’ll come to the Pico store soon. Thank you!

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while the first link would be a perfect answer why was the second one included as it stands both Quest and Pico 4 run on Android and use the same chip the only difference is the Pico’s processor has a higher clock than the quest which allows the pico 4 to push out a bit more of performance. so in the end this wouldn’t change the fact that they could use the Quest version of avatars on the pico 4 as well the biggest hurdle is them having to add the SDK Support for Pico into the game and then also having to publish it on the store.


I’ve seen other discussions about pico 4 call out an API update that needs to happen at some point. OpenVR to OpenXR I believe.

Also hoping for this. Would love to see it on there.

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Isn’t Pico 4 And Quest Turned on Android? Is there something that players without created ANYTHING don’t know? I don’t get it, Aren’t Quest and Pico Technically Rivals? And If It is, What would be different in making avatars for both?

I suspect that VRChat would try and make the specifics identical where possible. So hopefully pico 4 supports ETC2 and ETC1 textures, as that is current texture format suggested by unity 2019. But maybe ASTC is better in long term.

I wonder how they change name. Do they go with like Android or Mobile to replace Quest? Maybe “MobileVR” so people aren’t wanting to play vrchat on phones


Yesterday a friend told me that the guys are doing vr chat on pico 4 so we should see an announcement soon, at least I hope so

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still no vrchat on pico 4 =(

Almost a year later but it has finally been announced :tada: The release date is still unknown but it’s coming.

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where was it announced??

It’s under the Coming Soon category on the Pico app