VRCSDK won't upload, thinks its in Android build target when set to windows

I have tried swapping build targets back and forth, making a new project, using either the creator companion and legacy. I don’t know what else to do and could appreciate some help.

I got that error once by specifying a different crunch level for android. I thought I would specify 51 for android and 50 for PC.

I may have also gotten this error with an ASTC or ETC texture. Unity will take and process PNG, but you can give it like DXT5 textures if you want to do shenanigans with mip maps

Would you mind sharing some additional details?
For example, are you able to upload the tutorial avatar in VRChat SDK -> Samples?
Does your scene contain a single avatar, with a single avatar descriptor?
If you open Unity’s build settings, what platforms are displayed?

Im having the same issue


Note: Test vrc avatar works

I see another error icon.

With tinkering with unity I’ve listened that the best bet is to look at all of the errors

If you’re using a version of the SDK that is newer then the one they used, I have seen cases where an avatar ships with tools, and those tools give compilation errors due to SDK differences