Unity wont Upload to Android

Hello, so for the past week i’ve been trying to figure out why my avatars wont upload to the android side. to explain, these avatars were already uploaded and tested to both pc and quest, however as of the last week, when trying to re-upload them (due to some minor issues) they just don’t upload to the android side. unity (sdk) will say it uploads fine, but once i open up the game, the avatar crashes and is just an error bot. when looking on the site, itll say it just uploaded to pc only even though unity specifies that i uploaded it to android. this is happening to avatars that are made specifically to android as well as having nothing but just textures with nothing added under them.

I’ve found that I sometimes need to restart Unity when switching from PC to Android, and then some code related errors show up in the Console.

If there are ANY code related errors in the console you cannot rely on the VRChat SDK to operate properly.

Pro Tip: Don’t worry about the really long winded stack traces that explain how an error message came to be printed, pay attention to the actual error message itself.

The issue is this has been happening for the last week or so. No errors in the console pop up for whatever reason. I’m just about to just delete and reinstall everything over again to see if that fixes anything because physically didn’t touch anything and now it just dosnt load the avatar in

If the unity project is set to Android and you upload an avatar and the result is that the PC version is now an error robot, there is an error somewhere. VRChats SDK works properly otherwise.

When you’re looking at the console window, on the right there are check boxes to toggle message types, so if you want to ignore errors and only see informational, you can select that. The message that’ll hint things are wrong is either an error or a warning

If I had to blindly guess, something related to scenes. Maybe you made a new scene and if you open that, it opens that scene. So now you’d need to find the scene with the avatar.

Nothing wrong with making a fresh project and trying again.

it was unity itself. just uninstalled everything and reinstalled it and now it works. some update messed it up for me and i have 0 clue still what was the matter.