I can't upload any avatars

I’ve been trying to upload an avatar and keep getting this error:

I have tried doing everything I can think of. Reloaded SDK, downgraded SDK, imported SDK 3 into a fresh project, none of these solutions seemed to work for me so far.

The avatar I’m trying to upload is one I have had zero issues uploading in the past. This seems to be an issue with the SDK from what I’m gathering.

On what version of unity are you working with this avatar? Is it the latest recommended by vrc?

Yes, the recommended version, of course.

I don’t know then

Me neither, guess I’m done making avatars? Bunch of bullshit.

This level of nonsense? You should check up on your virus scanner, it’s likely deleting something. False positive

Check through every object in the avatar to see if there are any Missing Scripts. Prefabs often have components like Dynamic Bones or VRCFury that will show up as Missing Scripts if they haven’t been imported to the project, and those Missing Scripts will prevent the avatar from uploading without giving a very detailed error in the console.