SDK/Unity 2022 HELP PLEASE! I cant upload Avatars

I’m at my wits end with all this. I’ve tried re-installing the companion and Unity. I’ve tried not using any shaders at all. I’ve tried googling the issue and I’ve gotten nothing so hopefully this post will be my (and other folks who are dealing with the same thing) saving grace!!

Whenever I want to upload an Avi, I get this message:

When I check the console, I get this:

Keep in mind, I’m not very tech savvy nor am I Unity Savvy either and so I don’t know what any of this means and my luck in finding how is not so great. I just want to go back to uploading avatars again with no more of these issues…I can’t go back to Unity 2019 either as VRC prevents that now.

Any help appreciated, thank you…

It looks like the avatar ID is registered to a different user. so either you don’t own the avatar originally or you messed up on the avatar id. If you messed it up you can find the id on the pipeline manager script on the main file for the avatar(where everything is under in the scene) to correct it.

I created and own the avi and haven’t touched the pipeline manager at all. I just pressed the build and publish and all i get is what is above.

If I detach the ID, i get the same results. And i have no clue how to get a new id…if thats how it works.

I had a similar issue at some point, that could be the internal code of the sdk for the descriptor that is having issues.

either reload the sdk, or try to duplicate your avatar, remove the avatar descriptor , create it again and set it like the avatar you kept as a backup.

Then try to upload the new one.

Hopefully it fixes itself.

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If removing the avatar ID isn’t working, I’d recommend going to the Assets dropdown at the top left of the Unity window, and using Export Package to export the entire project (besides the VRCSDK folder if it happens to be there), then create a brand new project and import that package.

If that doesn’t work, use the scientific method: start eliminating variables. Back up the project, then start deleting folders from your Assets one at a time, and checking if it will upload. Once it does, you’ll at least know which folder is the problem.

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topic created 2 days ago? I just want to add in that there was an issue on VRChat’s end about that time.

Actually no, I didnt download a model elsewhere. I actually made my own from scratch and am trying to upload it without trouble hence why im here…
If youre not trying to help, dont bother commenting or try poking fun at me. Its called “learning and starting out”.

Ah I see. I didnt see anything about that if thats the case.

The outage was relatively short, only two posts to reddit about it.