Unable to switch from Android Build Targetting

Good Evening.

I wanted to try making my own model today, and I finished it after finding out how to correctly set the bones.

However, I’ve come to find that the button to build and test is grayed out now, and it claims that it cannot be used for an Android build target.

I have switched the target to Windows and android back and forth multiple times, but it refuses to set itself on Windows. I’ve also gone to Unity’s build settings and set it to Windows, but it will not allow me to attempt my model.

I’ve tried a few different public models, but they all return the same result. I attempted to start a new project and copy my files, but it still didn’t work. Reinstalled the software, didn’t work.

Any ideas as to how I can fix it?

Thank you very much.

Strange. Have you tried using an older version of the SDK?

If earlier versions work, then you might have found a genuine bug and should report it via the canny.

I’ve seen this happen with older SDK, give a texture some android specific configuration and the SDK now thinks it’s running in android platform.

There has been some version related shenanigans, so even if you’re using the freshest possible version of the SDK, you should still tell us the version, like 3.11 for workgroups or whatever you have on your end.

Unrelated to this but I recently noticed that the mobile shaders now have a depth buffer, so fog won’t draw over the avatars if you’re using mobile shaders on PC. WispyWoo loves fog. Had to update SDK and rebuild avatar to stop being a ghost.

I have just installed the SDK using the creator companion, at least according to the documentation and several guides that I visited.

According to the tab, it says this is the version that is running at this time, which I assume would be the latest.

I downloaded the avatar template from GitHub to see if it would give me a different result, but no progress at this time. I was able to test the avatar yesterday before I had done any rigging whatsoever, but then it no longer granted me the ability to test it, claiming it was still targeting android, even when using the test dummies, or other avatars downloaded from the internet.

For rigging I wonder if you can find specific action that causes it to break. Set something, click on SDK panel and see if button is grey.

If you’re importing a bunch of unitypackages with various contents, maybe one of those has a texture with Android specific parameters and that is causing the trouble.

For SDK version, go over to creator companion and use manage button for it to tell you some version. Base and avatar are hopefully identical.

Maybe check the logs? If there is a nice wordy message that explains what exactly went wrong in nice clear english terms you can go ahead and read it. But alternatively I think you have two alternative, stop playing with unity and come back in a few months, update SDK and hope it gets fixed.

Or try and track down the problem methodically. Start with building the robot that comes with the SDK. From your last post it sounded like you could add your intended avatar to the project, and it still worked. Don’t add anything unrelated.

Or maybe with one of the other Unity projects, what happens if you make a new scene, import the robot into this new scene. Can you build that, even though other scene won’t let you build?

Thank you for your continued support. It appears to be something related to the model I’m using. When Using the test dummy, it allows me to test it for a build.

However, when using the same descriptor on the model, it immediately grays out, meaning that it is SOMETHING related to the model.

can confirm that I have the latest version of the SDK.

Console has not submitted any complaints at this time either, so there’s no logs right now. I believe it’s something with the model, since the second that it is added, unity believes it is targeting Android. I attempted to remove the materials just in case, but there’s no progress on that front either.

Textures are really the only thing that have an "android and “pc” specific version. I wonder if the avatar is somehow using android texture assets in PC mode.

Try removing the textures (not just the materials) and everything except the base mesh entirely from the project to see if that helps.