SDK "Build and Publish To Windows" doesn't work

I’ve imported my avatar in Unity but whenever I press the “Build and Publish To Windows” button, nothing pops up. I save the file in my asset folder, but then pressing the button. This screen pops up and nothing happens. I’m not sure where to go from here.

There are some errors in the console. Take a look and see if it’s anything you can fix or post them here.

this came up, what fixes can I do? This was after pressing the Build & Publish button

Are there any errors before those ones?

This sometimes happens if the avatar has unassigned scripts attached to it. One common culprit seems to be Dynamic Bones (not Physics Bones).

Another possibility is some issue with the installed SDK. I would normally expect to see it under the Packages folder, not the Assets folder. Was this an avatar you downloaded? It may have been bundled with an outdated SDK.

Yep I ended up finding that it came with an extra SDK. I was able to upload it. Now I just have to find out how to optimize it properly so I can get quest users to see it too.