No response from sdk

NEED HELP PLS, some avatars i upload do this and other dont, it’s more common for this to happen to booth models rather than western models, I’ve only have been able to upload one booth avatar out of the seven i purchased (pain) my issue is when i try to upload a model my sdk just sits there unresponsive but has zero error messages in unity or the sdk itself, im using the most up to date unity version 2022.3.6f1 and using sdk 2.2.3 if someone could help me figure out why it be greatly appreciated

i’ve uninstalled everything from unity to sdk to visual studio along with a fresh wipe on my pc and still this issue happens. i had someone else upload the avatar for me and they did so in seconds with no issue by just importing assets & pressing build and upload, granted it’s been 2 months since i’ve started vr but i don’t think it should be this hard lol.

image below is what happens

i got confused i meant to say sdk3 version

You have a prefab open. You need to have a scene open.

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