VRChat SDK not reloading

So im having trouble with getting the VCC and Unity to get the VRC SDK to reload so i can upload the avatars i have. And i have asked a few friends and they havent had the trouble i having. is there anyone who might be able to help? And before you ask yes i have uninstalled and reinstalled both Unity and the VCC to see if that is what was wrong five time for both.

I’m having the same problem, did you figure it out?

no i have not i have asked about 20 of my friends and non of them were able to help i have even tried asking for help from a unity form but i haven’t gotten a response. but im still trying

I’m curious what you mean by reloading the SDK. One thing I’ve observed with avatar packages is that sometimes they’ll include tools, and when the tools are substantially older than the SDK used, the tools .cs files will have compiler errors

Av3 emulator, Quest conversion tools, pumpkins, avatar 3.0 tools

The tools have been used so I trash the Editor and Scripts folders containing the .cs files