I need help with making an avatar cross platform

I have everything set, like android support and i just get the same error message.
“Switching to android is disabled”


I still don’t know why it’s happening.

The version im using is 2022.22.3f and it won’t let me load any new modules

That may sound dumb, but we’re you maybe in play mode at that time?

Else yeah, quite weird :confused:

Dunno why this happens all the time.

I tried so many times and still won’t let me do it.
Im not at play mode and still happens.
Is there anything i can do or i’ve done wrong?

well it seem your android module for unity isn’t installed, that’s why it doensn’t allow you to, i believe.

So how can i fix it?

This is what shows up.

That’s on the unity website. It’s a module to add to unity to be able to build Unity - Manual: Android environment setup

For some reason it won’t let me instal the module. Is there anything that could help like uninstalling?

@Spokeek I fixed it, thanks
I just had to change the version of unity

Oyeah, always ensure you use the version mentionned by VRChat as compatible.