".prefab.unity3d does not exist"

Can somebody PLEASE help me get rid of this problem, I’ve been trying to upload this one avatar and I’ve been brought with this message, I am attempting to upload it to android for 2 days now and It’s driving me insane, somebody please help me fix this problem

This is most likely the most simple problem ever and I’m completely overlooking it but hey it’s a first avatar so I need help

Update. Fixed the problem myself. if anybody else finds this post the way that I think it got fixed is I got dynamic bones, do post and I can attempt to help you guys, this was a pain to fix.

So the error was there until you got something to handle the dynamic bones scripts? I wonder if the sdk could scan for missing script handlers in the future

Yea its the same issue with Prefab ID not found means of Missing Scripts on your avatars, so I so Hope Sdk does something like rhat in the future to not Import a third party Package that scans for you like Quest Converter

Alright, updating sense the issue has not been fixed completely. While it did upload, guess what? Now it’s gray, yippe. Right now I cannot figure out anything, no tips, no videos, nothing. So I’m kinda stuck

combined with me not really wanted to attempt to spend 2 more days of my life trying to fix it, so could anybody attempt to assist?

Grey sounds like a missing texture. Are you using some of that high technology hydromatic Quest/PC avatar building helpers?

I have two unity projects like a caveman. Works well enough for me. Some of the work is doubled up on, sure. But I find the work relaxing, like whittling wood.

I assume your talking about that creator companion or whatever it’s called, tried it once. Never helped, so at the time I believe I was using only Unity, the SDK and the materials needed for the avatar