Problem importing a pc avatar to quest

Hello, I’ve been trying to upload an avatar for lon meta quest 2 for a month now but a prefab error prevents me from uploading it. Join to this message the necessary photo to your question

Interesting. VRC.Dynamics.MathUtil

What was the order that stuff was brought in?

Convert project to android and then import files?

I’ve seen this error before on this forum, not sure if anyone has figured out the cause.

In order.
1: Version pc and mac for compressed all texture

2: remove 4 physicbone for respected the limit.

3: Converted for android

4: and try of upload but this error appear

Oh, maybe the Unity support for android is somehow missing?

Maybe make a avatar new project, and convert it to android before doing anything?

Nothing. I make a new project and converted avatar and also use VrcQuestTool for avoid a problem but always the same problem

Oh, try removing vrc quest tools when you’re done with them? Just the like .cs files. Alternative idea is use those tools in one project, export the scene that contains the avatar, and only import the resulting unity package into a fresh error free android avatar project.

But if that doesn’t solve the issue, what I was getting on to was to create a new project, convert it to android while empty and see if the empty project gives that error.

Like, if you can get that error by creating a project, converting to android and then importing a tool like vrcquesttool then you can have a efficient list of steps to produce a problem. If it is those tools, then you should be able to report issue to them. Maybe check for newer version first?

If I don’t forget I’ll see if I can get such an error with making a new project and just importing the quest tools.

Nothing. the error stay with and without VrcQuestTool

Even after restarting unity?

I wonder if you can get the error with an empty avatar project that is switched from the default of Windows over to android.

Well we are trying again with and without Vrcquesttool again with 2 other projects

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Do you have the Android build support files installed? Those get installed from the Unity Hub.

Yes all files of installer of android build are in my folder of unity