VRChat Hanging temporary every time, it's very annoying

(i reported bug on feedback, well, i going to post again but here).

Since the last update (Build Number 1470), the VRChat is Hanging or freezing every time but temporary for more or less that 1 minute, and then the VRChat recovers, but still Hanging every 3 to 6 minutes, no matter the avartar and world are optimized, playing alone without any people. It’s very annoying. I can’t play or hang out with my friends peacefully in the VRchat keeps hanging up. And taking so long to loading any information, like world, avatars, my friends, etc.

I did uninstall and reinstall VRChat from Steam and my Meta Quest 2, cleaned up all the cache, turn off and turn on again the modem the conection of internet was good, checked anti-virus there aren’t any virus, All deep clean all hardware components with 100% dust free, etc. But there are NO CHANGE.

Probably that one of the VRChat servers is very saturated and unstable, and it is very strange that in the early morning the servers worked fine as if nothing had happened, but in the afternoon until night it was very saturated and unstable, and the VRChat starts hanging every time as always.


I have the same problem and I’m getting tired of looking for solutions

Some friends have the same problem, we think maybe it’s something from the latest update

When you say freezing, do you mean your whole game freezes such as not being able to look around, move or open the menu? If this is the case, check in task manager if your game is eating up lots of ram.

I remember there used to be a memory leak, if my bad memory serves me well it was with the video player? Simply not using it could fix it, but I doubt this is the issue.

Not doable. Not every world has a video player. I too currently have this same issue of the game hanging etc.

I’ve even tried to switch betas n stuff with the steam version. No luck there.