My vrchat keeps crashing when i try to join

My vrchat has been crashing or lagging when i try to join and i play on Meta Quest 2. I have tried to uninstall and reinsatll but, it does not work can some one please tell me what to do?

Could it be an issue with your home world? maybe its just a bit too heavy for your Quest to handle? If it’s not the VR Chat default home world, maybe try to set it to that and try again?

What sort of avatar are you using? There are some Avis that are flagged as ‘Quest Compatible’ but really aren’t, and show as ‘Very Poor’ efficiency.

I would try to set everything to defaults - default home world, a VR Chat Avatar, maybe clear your data cache. If you can’t log in long enough to set these things, then you can always try to log in via PC through Steam and do it that way, just to see if you can get back to a state that ‘should’ work for Quest, and then troubleshoot from there. :carrot: