Unplayable stuttering/hanging only in VRChat

I have been having this issue for a while, probably about a year, and it’s stopped me from playing as much as I would like to. One day I booted up the game and it had unplayable stutter/lag however seemed to run fine in between. Every 5 seconds either the screen will “melt” and lag or the app will completely hang and then resume with about 60-70 FPS only for it to happen again seconds later. When looking at Task Manager there seems to be a reasonable amount of GPU usage but the SteamVR GPU graph shows very poor performance.

I have tried everything including:

  • Reinstalling Steam, SteamVR, VRChat
  • Installing on different drives (SSD and HDD)
  • Using different headsets (Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive)
  • Using all the ports on my computer
  • Setting all things related to VR or VRChat to High Priority in Task Manager
  • Installing new graphics drivers
    and more that I’m not remembering now.

This is so infuriating because it worked one day and stopped working the next. I didn’t change anything on my PC and I wonder if it was an update to VRChat. Sadly it’s been so long I can’t recall what the update would have been.

Here are my PC specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
  • GeForce RTX 2070
  • 16 GB RAM

I would really like to play the game again in VR so help would be greatly appreciated. <3
(Don’t mind the red, it’s just when I went into passthrough)

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Since this post, I’ve actually noticed that the GPU seems to drop when the stutters happen. Could this somehow be an issue with VRChat not getting enough priority?

Did that happend in a specific context ? VRChat performance as itself is usually quite good, but can variate a lot depending on the world and people you have around, as the most performance drop source are usually the avatars that you load and can saturate your graphics card VRAM

Sadly, no. It happens all the time, though it can be more noticeable under heavy load.

what does your VRAM usage look like? This exact thing will happen to me once there are too many avatars shown. This is due to peoples models being unoptimized and using too much of your VRAM. the Stutter comes from the game moving memory to your motherboards ram which is very slow. I have a 7800x3d 32gb ram and a 3080 with 10gb vram, the game runs like a dream till the instance gets full and I have peoples models shown. to counter this I have to put my steam vr resolution to 20% and turn off in game anti-aliasing. only permanent solution would be getting a gpu with as much vram as possible, that being a 3090, 4090 or 7900 xtx.

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Ya it’s mainly due too much many avatars showing. When I get this issue I hide all again and it’s fixed…

This sounds exactly like my friend’s issue, weve been troubleshooting it for two weeks including hardware swaps!! Unable to diagnose it at all. Windows installs, everything. Interestingly, it started when we plugged the pc into an outlet on the opposite side of the breaker box.