Lagging every second

Everytime I get on VRChat now, I start to lag every second and it’s getting really annoying, this started happening after the last two or three updates VRChat had and I can’t stand it, I really really Hope this gets fix, because I love playing VRChat, but I’m getting really annoying by lagging every second. Pleass fix this as soon a possible VRChat, please…

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This has been happening to me too. Soooo annoying!

Are you using Mobile/Quest or PC?

If you use your PC to play VRChat what are the specs? You can check your Processor and Installed RAM on Windows by opening File Explorer and right clicking “This PC” then properties.
You can check your GPU by pressing the windows key then type “Device Manager” and open that, open “Display adapters” and it should be one of the ones under there.

If you use Android/Quest I’d recommend making a ticket with support and sending them your log file to see if they can find out what the issue is.

Purge VRC Cache. I was having the same problem with FPS on Desktop spiking from 60<->45 back and forth every second or so.

After purging the cache, it was back to a solid 60 all the time. Also having the cache on a fast disk helps a lot - I had it on a slow external drive and swapped to just running a RAM disk when playing instead.

Big settings menu → Debug → “Clear Content Cache” button at the bottom of the page.


you are a god among men. thank you