Video playback and effects stutter and pause

I am not sure what is going on or why VRC is acting in this way, but this was not something I had an issue with before.

I recently went to a club and noticed that the music that was playing, the effects that were throwing lasers around, and even videos on a screen, were all stuttering and even just outright stopping at times. My bandwidth should not be the problem, as I am pulling 76mb down and 30mb up, with a latency of 45 ms at a nearby server.

Even while the video, music, and effects are all stuttering and hitching, everyone around me is moving about all fine with no lag whatsoever, so it really is baffling.

Any sort of fixes would be muchly appreciated.

I have an nvidia GPU with Intel CPU, and haven’t noticed anything with video playback. It does make sense that it a video is stuttering that anything reacting to the video would follow.

Most in-game videoplayers heavily rely on your FPS being above 60… if you are under this it will cause de-sync and buffering issues…
most club worlds videoplayers stream from the hosts closest server which can also cause de-sync if you are not also connected to that streaming services server.