[Fixed - Update AMD Driver to 23.9.2 or later] Video Player stutters playback for AMD Cards

I’ve been noticing how frequent video players stutter and spazz out during playback, whether in movie worlds or other worlds with a video player.

I don’t know what I could do to resolve it or at least make it less frequent. Is this a performance issue or lag or something? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit to include my specs:
GPU - AMD RX 6600XT with 22.11.2 driver
CPU - Ryzen 5 5600X
RAM - 32GB (2x16) DDR4


I’m not sure what sort of windows like tool to suggest, but the git client for windows includes some standard Unix/Linux tools and so I’ve been doing a tail -f on the output log when I’m playing, so I can see what the latest messages are from vrchat.

In my situation I play with a person and whenever they are the master for sync the videos are occasionally wonky because instead of just playing it’s continually trying to sync.

I know that AMD users have been with some sort of video playback issues, might be worth seeing what drivers you’re using, and see if either someone pipes in here, or you might have to check out the VRChat bug tracker.

Solution might be that sometimes a certain person needs to not be choosing the video, but try and be nice about it if it’s the case, probably all fine on thier end.

But yeah, start with logs, see if it’s chatty when video is stuttering.

If the video is playing at all, then it’s usually a problem with resources rather than the VRC player not working. Things to check:

  • CPU can process the video fast enough (It needs to download and sometimes encode the video on the CPU)
  • Bandwidth is sufficient to download the stream (if really high resolution videos)

Could try plugging in a really old video with a very small max quality to see if it streams better or seeing if it works if you’re in a small world by yourself.

Also, you could try opening the video in VLC Media Player or MPC-BE. In VLC: Ctrl+N (Open Network Media) and paste in the URL to hit play. If the playback is good there, it’s probably a CPU bottleneck while VRChat is running.

I do the same thing. :smiley: With a symlink to the vrchat log dir in my home directory:

alias vrlog='ls -1t ~/vrchat/output_log_*|head -n1'
alias vrlogtail='tail -n 1000 -f $(vrlog)|sed "/^\s*$/d"'

@docteh Indeed, though AMD did release a graphics driver back in November to finally resolve the video player crash issue. Thankfully that was resolved, but the stuttering is certainly new. I’m curious if others have experienced this, so I could check.

@eremite Will attempt to see if I can figure that out, however it mostly would be videos provided from the worlds themselves (i.e. movie worlds) that I’d have difficulties with. Will try and figure something out and see if my CPU is bottlenecking though.

I’m having a similar issue. I’m on a 6700xt and an R7 5800X3D. I upgraded from drivers 22.5 to 22.11.2 and video players tend to stutter and seem to have issues decoding.(?) I’ve used both oculus link and virtual desktop but neither ways of playing the game solve the issue for me. I’ve found that resolution of the video isn’t helping.

I’ve honestly made a bug report at this point, since it’s been appearing more frequent in movie worlds and video players in bigger scales/resolutions. It however still occurs in some video players and livestream players, and even starts to spaz out in a way that causes discomfort (and honestly could induce or aggravate epilepsy).

Ah, these work a bit differently and are a lot harder to diagnose. Stream players and YouTube players are pretty good about being able to pick up where the current video is at if you join late, but it can depend on how the videos are encoded for the movie worlds.

I assume they just have the videos uploaded to some throwaway account, but they need to be encoded in a very specific way for VRChat (ideally H.264 video with AAC audio with -movflags +faststart. I’m not 100% sure if it’s still a problem, but for a while, encoding without faststart would cause you to have to download the whole video up until the current point, which could lock you up and cause crashing in VR (particularly if you were a long way into the video).

@eremite That’s rather fair and must be possible. Would there be any way for me to try and limit this issue from happening, or would I kinda be out of luck/undesirably needing a new card?
Whether it’s a video I select in a world solo, a video that plays mid-way while joining in a world, or even livestreams, I seem to encounter this issue.

Worlds I’ve tried so far include Trae’s Comfy Den, LS Media and Movie & Chill. I’ll try some more worlds and see if even downgrading my drivers once again may have any effect.

I have similar issues. I have RX 7900XTX. New driver update 23.1.1 just got out yesterday but it still doesn’t fix issues.

Udon player on VRC was updated and it broke any AMD drivers that’s not 22.5.1. Your only solution until then is to rollback and pray that something is done eventually.

It’s not entirely broken per se…? Unlike the months-long bugfix for AMD, the video player plays and it doesn’t crash graphics drivers, it’s just stuttering the video playback to no end. I actually don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this here (I have mentioned it on the bug report though), but this issue only occurs in VR mode; it doesn’t seem to occur while in desktop mode.

In a way it’s not breaking the graphics driver, but it certainly still is a critical anomaly that makes my head hurt to see. Hopefully AMD and/or VRC can collaborate again to resolve this issue.

I’ve been having the same issues too recently. I only found this thread trying to make sure the problem didn’t exist already. It’s been really annoying when it comes to music worlds especially since the music just halts for five to ten seconds and then skips to the current timestamp. Been especially bothersome with the already existing AMD problems that have been happening for the last few months.

My setup is the following:
Motherboard: MSI B550 Tomahawk
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 3060 12GB
Ram: 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz clock speed

Been having the same issue. ;-;

Any news on this? Things are still not working right and it’s only been radio silent for a bit.

Sorry for the lack of updates. On February 13th, this issue was marked as a tracked bug in Kaishi Axon’s bug report and I’s (see merged post in the link). Not sure how long it might take, but what matters now is that they have noticed this bug and it will hopefully be resolved soon.

Adding on to this post, AMD has recognized this type of bug as a known issue in the 23.3.1 release notes. Using 22.5.1 as a fallback seems to work for me, however I’d hope to get to updating my graphics driver again soon.

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the issue is with AMD graphics. the recent drivers dont work. you will have to go back to 22.5.1 for the graphics driver. its the last one known to working. i just tried the newer 23.2.2 and there still broken. so if your still having the issue downgrade your graphics to 22.5.1. here is a link to the 22.5.1 if u cant find it https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-22-5-1.

If you dont want to look through the update log for the download link in the link above here is a direct link: https://drivers.amd.com/drivers/WHQL-AMD-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-22.5.1-Win10-Win11-May10.exe

Giving another update, AMD Radeon driver version 23.4.1 change notes still lists the video stuttering issue as a known issue, ergo updating it has not resolved the issue. At least AMD has this under their radar, so hopefully we won’t have to use 22.5.1 as a fallback for much longer.

Hopefully but that also specifically targets 7000 series. I have a 6750XT and I have just been putting up with the stutter for the most part. Sometimes tho it will stutter at the beginning of a vid and then play the rest of the vid just fine. I have also found out that setting ProTV players from 1080p to “unity 720p” fixes the issue with ProTV specifically.

@bejeweledbalthy The latest vrc update has rolled out a fix! You can now add --disable-hw-video-decoding in the launch options for VRC!! It forces your CPU to decode the videos instead of the GPU and is working flawlessly!!


This fix works, can confirm.