[Fixed - Update AMD Driver to 23.9.2 or later] Video Player stutters playback for AMD Cards

Nah itll crash a computer. It did it to mine not to long ago. The stuttering became so bad even on 720, media player screen turned green then my quest crashed, causing my pc monitors to go black and i couldnt turn them back on.

Supposedly, the latest two AMD drivers (23.9.2 and 23.9.3) mitigate this issue. I haven’t validated it but I wanted to update this thread for visibility. I’m going to be testing those driver versions with my RX 7900 XTX shortly and I’ll edit this post with the results (or make a reply, depending).

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Meant to update this since I updated my drivers recently; I can confirm 23.9.2 and later has resolved the video playback issue for me as well, even without the disable-hardware-encoding launch option.

Yes, I concur. 23.9.2 and 23.9.3 appear to not have this issue, and the disable-hardware-encoding flag is not needed. I’m updating the bug report to acknowledge and confirm.