Fix the videoplayers!

Videoplayer has been broken for me and most of my friends for days now! All links except music says its invalid or failed to load video, every single world!
I do have certificates and untrusted urls enabled, for all those armchair techs on forums.

What GPU are you using, and what’s your current driver version?

If you’re using an AMD RX 6XXX, have you tried Adrenalin 22.11.2? A recent update may help you out: AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.11.2 Release Notes | AMD

If you’re using Quest standalone or an Nvidia GPU, then I’m not sure.

I am not using AMD GPU, 3080TI

Since you’re on PC you can look at the log reasonably easily.

I’ve observed some channel specific youtube trouble lately. End up just watching something else.

Been having same issue in all but one movie world, ls movie hasn’t worked in month, sometimes one movie will play then next says video error, or failed

If you’re on PC you should check the logs, see if there is anything interesting in them. Filter out lines that mention either TV or Video, actually I’d maybe look for http

I am having the same issue too, I’m actually on a 4090 but a few days back I’ve been having issues with worlds using udon players.