Problem with video players that use URLs

Hey, y’all I need help. Well it’s not me but a friend of mine their having a problem with all video players using URLs they have all the required things enabled to do so they say but it only shows a black box or nothing depending and when they enter a URL it gives her some sort of error I’ll have to ask they told me it’s been like this ever since they started VRC their on Quest 2 btw any help is appreciated thanks

There used to be errors on quest for video urls, for youtube you had to “convert” the url to get it supported on players, but i’m unsure if that’s still the case.

This video seem to explain it, so try to see if it fixes it.

alr I’ll have them try

ok they said they’ve tried the nextnex ans still didn’t work

that is a) no longer needed and b) if I’m not mistaken the site is no longer active

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Video players your friends encounters in worlds? Or in a world they have created? They should check their “allow untrusted urls” setting. It needs to be on.

VRChat may still have a bug where the URL resolver only functions on the primary meta account for a quest headset

is there a way to fix it

and yes they have it enabled as I said they have everything enabled that is needed to use the video players

should also mention its only happening to them and I’m on quest myself

No idea how. Sorry

There isn’t enough info to determine the cause. They will need to narrow it down. Did you mention the error that was reported?

Is there an error in the log on their headset?

I assume you mean “in any world with a video player” (not limited to a world they created). Could they name 1 or 2 worlds they have tried it with. Guess as to why could take months.

ok yea it was the whole only the primary account can use it