Unable to join world

After endless amounts of downloading and deleting VRC, removing cache from.the games, deleting specific files and other things. I still can’t get into specific games. (LS media and Movie & Chill) It would download just fine, initialize, turn into a black screen then take me back to the loading screen. After that it would flash for a minute what look like a black and pink glitched out world I assume and then take me to my home world. Even at my home world it wouldn’t even load me in and take me to yet another error world. This has been going on for 2 weeks now.
(This seems to be world specific for certain worlds. I honestly don’t know. I specifically can’t join LS Media or Movie & Chill.)

Example below: Joining horror portals does just fine but if I were to join LS Media or Movie and Chill it would initialize but then send me to a black screen, then force me to join my home world where I’d catch a glimpse of a glitched and broken world. Aka, black and pink stuff? It’s slightly blackened because it disappears fast. Then it takes me to an error world.

Both those worlds have video players. Do you have an AMD video card by any chance? There have been reports of problems with the video player on AMD cards.

You can also check the logs (under AppData/LocalLow) for anything suspicious.

What’s and AMD and how do I check the data.

AMD is a company that makes things. If you’re on windows 10 or 11, the task manager will list the hardware on the performance tab. May as well tell us about the GPU and CPU.

Yes the GPU is at the bottom, and you might have to scroll for it.

What does the GPU have to do with anything bro wtf :sob:All I’m feeling is confusion wtf

Bro how do I know whats suspicious or not. Atp I need a bachelor’s in computer whatever tf because y’all dropping these terms and it’s like all I do is play games mostly. I don’t want to keep messing with my computer or else I’m gonna fuck it up even more.

My vrc was fine 3 weeks ago. Then it was buggin man.

I know this isn’t exactly a fix for that, but I hope it helps. AMD is a Graphics Card company, and there has been known issues with AMD Graphics cards not working when there’s a video player in a VRChat world, honestly I have no clue why that guy worded it like that and it confuses me with 10+ years of pc experience lol. also when reporting an error like this its good to list the basic specs of your pc anyway since it could be something related to that, in this case its unlikely though. Anyway my bf is having the same issue and I don’t think it has anything to do with that issue since the pink textures thing happens for him and he doesn’t have an AMD Graphics Card. Please let me know if you found a fix for this since its been a little while since you made the post.

As of now I’m still having issues with it. I haven’t been checking honestly because I might get a head set soon and also that shit is hella annoying to keep ti kering with rn