PC VRC not letting me join a different world

Hi, So I’ve been trying to join new worlds after I load in my home world but every time I do it doesn’t load me into a new one, it stays stuck with just my oculus controllers and my homeworld being active but i cant move or open the menu, all i can do is toggle the toggle menu and look around my world. I had updated it before this happened and i already tried uninstalling then re-installing it. on oculus everything works fine, the only problem i have is on pc

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im having the same problem did anyone fin a fix?

Dude yeah I’ve been having the same thing and I’ve been trying fixes for it. Did you go from quest to PC?

I fegrued out why this is happening to me. You need to put your DNS’s settings to and

hi mind you telling mw how to do this?

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This actually worked, thank you TuT