Latest update freezes entire PC on certain worlds and on startup

After a couple of hours spent diagnosing, clearing out drivers, installs, etc, and reaching a replicable fault, I’m here to complain heavily about a bug.

The VRChat client sits at 0% CPU usage upon startup and loading certain worlds, and prohibits me to open any other windows/apps on my PC until the client unfreezes and gets disconnected from certain worlds. The basic home worlds by VRC works fine, and my avatars can load. But it still freezes upon startup and loading into certain worlds.

If you could take a look at this, I’d be incredibly happy, since I was looking forward to a calm weekend in VR after a busy week.

You forgot to elaborate on certain worlds.

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Being tired, frustrated, and dealing with certain worlds will do that to someone, y’know :smirk:

I’ve seen bug reports from AMD GPU users when a video player is encountered.

One of the items on my to-do list is to find a world with pens and a video player that doesn’t autostart. I was about to recommend black gold lounge but then I recall that it’s using video player to download some posters. It updated after the remote images were added, yes. But it’s still going to GitHub for a video.

Yeah. I’m quite familiar through friends who have AMD setups having issues with the video player. I’m on NVidia and Intel myself.
Some worlds with video players will run fine for me, but I think the main issue is why just loading up VRC makes my entire PC unable to open any aplications before I see the actual game window.

It’s never had that sort of impact on my machine until the last update a couple of days ago

I just saw a post on the VRChat reddit from a person saying that it ended up being bit defender advanced protection causing the grief.

Maybe it’s like: Program that runs python? Must be malware.

I do use bitdefender myself, and tried making an exception. Maybe I should just uninstall it entirely, since that doesn’t seem to work. Will report back here if it works

Yeah. So BitDefender is not too happy with the new update. I had to uninstall it, and it improved both Virtual Desktop and VRChat.

Things are back to smooth running now.