New Update break certain Video Player

The Video Player I’m currently using for my world stopped working and throw an error along the line of
“Error: Decode failed. Possible codec not supported, video resolution/bit-depth too high, or insufficient system resources.”

The only solution that fixes this problem for me is to use the new launch argument ( --disable-hw-video-decoding ) for the game. This is kinda annoying for others that don’t use launch argument much.

Will there be a fix for this?

The Video Player that I used is called “Wolfe Video Player”
Link: Wolfe Video Player (Udon) Prefab

ps. It used to work before update.

My PC Spec :
Intel(R) Core™ i5-10500
Nvidia RTX3050

Edit 1: I have tested this problem with some of my friends. It seems that only I have a problem right now.

VRChat has two ways of playing videos, unity and AVPro

Video player and mirror

That video player & mirror world has a video player with one unity option, and the other 4 are all AVPro. Three? Four? The option to change player type is in the bottom right.

All video player prefabs talk use the two video player components. If you’re willing to share a world link I could take a look at it with my GTX 1080, see if I get general error as well.

As far as I know. I don’t think other Video Players eg. ProTV, Udonsharp Video Player, and probably others too have this problem.

Here is the link to the world if you want to have look: VRChat - Home
In the world, I used the Video Player that I mentioned.

i forgot about this so i updated vrchat before launching this world. it autoplays a YouTube video, is that enough to test to see if i have same issue?