Unable to load video

Hi! PCVR user here. Any and all video players have stopped working for me for some reason about three weeks ago. It’s really annoying. Can’t watch movies, don’t get background music in half of the worlds… and I am out of ideas.

Reinstalled GPU drivers, rolled them back, restarted router, gotten a different yt-dlp.exe from a friend, cleared entire AppData VRC folder, reinstalled VRC, checked certificates, done changes in GPU settings, reinstalled VSC++ 2010, and yet it just refuses to function.

I run a ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070, Windows 10 64-bit. I’m attaching a log of me joining YTS 2.1 and attempting to load a link, unsuccessfully. Please help.

LOG: VRC log - Pastebin.com

Just as a sideways suggestion try a video from discord, you can ask a desktop client to copy a link and it’ll have a key that’s good for 24 hours.

Also l looked at the log and the YouTube stuff seemed okay, well, mine has my ipv6 address in the URL.

Actually also try syncpulses other world, the genesis music visualizer whatever it’s called. Those videos aren’t hosted on YouTube.

Same result sadly.

Fixed! The issue was the firewall. Disabling it made it finally work, and then adding yt-dlp.exe in VRChat’s appdata into the exceptions allowing both private and public connections.

Re-broken, trying everything under the sun again.