I'm having weird lag issues

I noticed the other day that voices and avatars were constantly “stuttering” I’ve spent hours trying to trouble shoot my self but I’m stuck. its happening in both VR and Desktop mode and I really dont see it being a hardware issue as I have fairly recent PC hardware (2080 super and I7 9700K 32 Gigs DDR4 ram blah blah blah). I’ve tried running with no other background processes and its shouldn’t be internet speed related either as I have the same ping and DL speed as I did a month ago. If there is any suggestions or fixes that anyone has it would be much apricated

Clear your vrc cache (its under settings in-game)

it usually happens when your cache gets bloated and vrc has issues keeping track of it.

Im on a fresh install of windows and fresh download of VRC and its still happening so its not that