Avatar 12 framing/laggy for remote users

After getting a new PC build vrc has began to make my avatar appear laggy “12 framing” where it appears that all network smoothening for my avatar has turned off and jitters for remote users. The issue is fixed by leaving and rejoining the world and it doesnt occur instantly it can take upwards of 4 hours to occur but once it does everyone will see it and it wont stop unless i leave.
my build:
7950x3d, 4090, 64gb 6000mhz ram, windows 11, all stored on 980 pro, x670 pg lightning asrock mobo, internet download speed ~850mbps, upload ~11mbps, ethernet connection.

what ive attempted: the general troubleshooting, uninstalling and reinstalling everything involved, verifying file integrity, clearing cache, turning off firewall and antivirus, in addition to the normal solution methods i have also checked all of my ethernet/NIC settings related to vrc and attempted to use a USB to ethernet adapter (to see if somehow my port was an issue).

There are no other issues occurring in any other program/game and my download speed in vrc (for worlds and avatars) is still as fast as it should be given my download speed. This issue did not occur on my previous build whatsoever

I seem to recall a similar issue related to a certain AMD chipset as well as something surrounding BitDefender I think it was? Not sure if you’ve had a chance to search the rest of the forums for a solution/info on your issue but it seems really familiar.

I just wish I could remember exactly the post about it for you…