VRC Menu Unresponsive. Avatars and Portals take forever to load!

I have two screenshots, one showing avatars being stuck like this for a while before it begins to load about 30 seconds in. And portals dropped by users only display [world] [owner] [access] again taking a full 30 seconds for it to actually appear.

Clicking on names in the social menu does nothing at times. Same with swapping avatars. The entirety of the menu seems unresponsive at times, as if the API is late registering my actions. And the user names would appear really late somewhere half a minute in as well if i let the menu sit for a while.

Video players not loading properly, sometimes just switching to a black screen, and then back to stream, and then black screen once again, etc etc.

What on earth is going on with this platform?

Edit: I’ve cleared the cache. Uninstalled VRChat and uninstalled EAC manually clean to reinstall. Removed Google Certificates. Still nothing.

Could be internet issues. Those blank portals, blue avatars, etc are all placeholders that the game shows until it’s finished downloading the stuff to display it.

Try checking your download/upload speed on SpeedTest to get a baseline, then try again to compare when you start seeing the problem:

the connection was not the issue