Join to world and avatar download process

Hi! I play VRChat but have one issue when I join to a world where many people with different avatars.
When I join to a world, the VRChat app starts download avatars (I want to see all people avatars). Also, I use safety ability to just download avatars without animations and effects.

But, in my case when I join to a world where 20-30 people, the VRChat app starts download all of them concurrently, and it usualy disconnects me with error “Timeout error”, at this time I see maximum load to my network, it uses maximum resources to donwload all users avatars.

It would be good to optimize this process. How about start download all avatars as queue, instead start download all avatars concurrently. It will allow to avoid use maximum resources and should download avatars smoothly.


What sort of speed does your internet have?

I think I have seen someone file a feature request to limit amount of concurrent downloads so it’s not just you with the issue.

I have a thread where people have really slow avatar downloads and world download, maybe consult that thread and see if you can do the opposite of the solution

I have 100 mbit internet, this issue affected me in the last time - when I join to a world and open task manager to see my download state, it is on maximum (100 mbit). Usually it happens when I join a world with 25+ people.

I would like to check the thread you have, please send me a link.