Horrible Download Speed

Download Speed is 112mbs but I get max like 500kbs in-game when I join worlds and for others avatars to load it’s really annoying can anyone help

I have cleared the cash
and no antivirus or firewall has it blocked
this is the only game I have that does this
literally, normal downloads for everything else including steam have no issues and go super fast

Can you test your download speeds to Amazon CloudFront? Your connection could be having issues with AWS.
(Note: The link below will immediately start a speed test to AWS)
Amazon Web Services Network Test | CloudHarmony

As for possible fixes.
You can try disabling AutoTuningLevel to see if that helps at all. If it does not help, you should re-enable it as this feature can be quite important.
The link below is for Microsoft Flight Simulator, some users have reported success in disabling it for VRChat however.

Another option is to try a VPN and see if that helps any.
Restarting your router is another thing you can try.

Idk if this means anything did the tests and this is what I have, going to try to turn off AutoTuning