Vrchat downloading/ loading problem

I’ve had this issue for months now, I’ve disabled Ipv6(or whatever it is called) and looked up everything and havent found a actual solution to this…
Basically, worlds and avis dont load/load extremely slow. my pc should be able to run it perfectly, my friend has the exact same pc with the same parts and he has no issues at all. I got a better wifi thing, my wifi runs better. Didn’t change anything…
And keep in mind, this is only while i play vrchat in VR mode, through steam vr with my index.
Desktop is slow, but still loads unlike vr.
A few days ago it ran fine, still slow but it actually was running.
Im really not sure what to do as ive done everything in my mind.
Disabling Ipv6, clearing my game cache, verifying integrity of my game files, and nothing.
If anyone knows ANYTHING, even a temporary fix i could try please let me know.
also another thing is when one of my friends is wearing a avi i can see, that loaded
they chage into another one, and it doesnt load and they change back to the one before that i WAS able to see
It still tries loading the previous avi that they changed into before. Basically priorotizing the loading of that one avi.
It’s just annoying

I’ve been suggesting cloud flare warp for such things.