Why is vrchat saying no image found and wont load Anything?

For the past maybe 2 years I’ve been dealing with a few issues while trying to play vrchat on my windows 11

I’ll also show you some images but im gonna also try to explain it the best i can in text.

Basically it starts off with me loading into vrchat and then as im loading into my home world it just stops loading. So basically my home world just does not load at all. And so i have to click the default home option. And after i load into the default home world i look through my avatars and a lot of the images of some avatars says “no image” but i still try to wear the avatar and its just changes me into a default avatar. And yes i know the avatar is quest and pc compatible because i looked. But its also the same way with any other world it just says no image and when i also try to join a different world it just doesn’t load. And i thought i have good internet because i never have these problems when im just playing on my quest. I don’t think its my pc cuz any other game seems to work fine. My computer has a cpu of AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and my graphics are AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics. My ram is 32 gb and my computer is a windows 11 64bit. Can someone please help me figure this out?.. it would mean the world to me

You gave us your pc specs, how about your network. Do you have something specific, a vpn, custom dns, limitations. This is what I would expect the issue comming from.

I dont have a vpn, andd idk what a custom dns is, and idk what a limitations is either… i don’t really know much about computers, i apologize! But do think you can help and tell me what to do?.. i really hope im not asking to much :disappointed_relieved:

And all i know is that my network is 5 ghz

cant really untill we figure out the source of the problem. so cant help you rn

Isn’t the one image saying “No, you cannot run it on your PC”? It looks like your Radeon Graphics card does not meet the minimum spec.

I’m only guessing but I doubt that it would prevent you from “trying” to run it and an app could work but in this case (perhaps) it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean some other game app wouldn’t run.

Is there a model number on the Radeon card?

From thier screenshot I think thier laptop is just using the apu built into the CPU https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-7-5800h

But for the issue they’re having I’ve seen some positive results from using cloud flare warp. I don’t use it myself though. talks about it.

Sorry i don’t know much about computer stuff, do you mean this?

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics

And i akso had to look up how to get to the model number on the Radeon card. Like you said and i looked it up and it says that its this

AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Yes. It indicates (almost certainly) that you have “integrated graphics” and not a dedicated graphic card (GPU). The test indicates that the graphics processor isn’t powerful enough for the VRC PC client.

Again I don’t know if it would refuse to work as a result or whether it would just perform badly but that seems to be the issue.

I see… dang that sucks, do i have to like buy something for it to work? Or what do you think would help it work? If it does cost money maybe theres something i could buy thats not to expensive? Again idk much about computers

If you are in the market for a new (upgraded) computer there are lots of options. Typically however what are called “gaming PCs” or “VR-ready PCs” cost a chunk of change. A modern video card can cost about the same as a cheap PC for just the video card.

There are some bargains but you need to look around.

I see… well do you have any recommendations for a decent vr ready pc?

I’d expect a low performing PC to crash rather than fail to load avatars. You should try cloud flare warp.

I have a friend with an rtx3050 4gb, and that works well enough streaming to a quest 2 with virtual desktop. Well, in the sense that they spend way more time on VRChat than I do. So make sure you get 8 or more on the video card. 4gb doesn’t quite work for all the PC worlds.

It depends on your budget, your interest, where you live, etc. but if you just want to use a system then a name brand is a good idea. Decide if you want a laptop or tower configuration. Search Google for “vr ready computer” and you will see models from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. If you have a Best Buy (or similar store) nearby consider at least looking at what they offer. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/shop/vr-ready-laptop

Thank you so much!

Omgg and thank youu! I download cloud flare warp and world and avatars aren’t loading anymore!! This is amazinggg!! Even though its a little laggy so idk what to do about that. But seriously thank youuuuu