"Image Not Found" in the menu + VRChat website is acting up

Lately, whenever I try to play VRChat on my computer, it immediately takes me to the Error World, and if I try to go somewhere else, it automatically takes me back to that exact same world. Not to mention whenever I try to go to my menu, there are some worlds that says “Image Not Found” on the worlds in the menu (It does it to my friends list aswell.) The game will not load my avatar or any of the avatars itself, if I try to load one, it’ll stay as the error robot for some reason. Myself, and my friend have been experiencing the same stuff for days (4 days to be exact) and we don’t know what to do about it. The weird thing is that it’ll let us play sometimes, then it won’t. Also, the website has been acting up for me aswell, the website will not load, and if it does it’ll mostly leave blank spots where I see my friends list and all of the worlds on there. I’ve already tried restarting my internet, restarting my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled VRChat etc. May you please help me out? I really appreciate it.

That may be due to some network issues you have.
Are you using a wifi connection that isn’t stable or in a specific environment that could cause interferences?

No no, my wifi connection is stable. I never had a problem with it, to be honest with you. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a corrupt file in VRChat or something.

Well this is been happening to me for a while too (almost two years ) it gets annoying but I use a vpn the only downside to using one is download speeds and lack of connection but other than that I haven’t found a solution I went out of my way and bought a new computer I even moved to a different (not for the game but for work) and got a new internet provider and I’m still having the same issue

Oh man, that seems like a huge bummer, two years is something. I’ve been asking other people and they say it might have something to do with the RAM of the computer I’m using. I don’t think that’s the case because the current computer I own ( the Acer Nitro 5) would run out of RAM quickly. I’ve only had it for two years, also what VPN are you using? Maybe that can help out a little… hopefully. Also, I have no idea why after switching to a new internet provider, and getting another laptop, is still causing you issues, it’s honestly ridiculous. I’m sorry you’re going through this as well.

I also don’t think it has to do anything with your ram but the best vpn to use would be nord vpn or Norton but if you are like me not wanting to pay a monthly or annually I use
((HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy ))
It is free and also has unlimited amount of use and probably the only one that loads steamvr . The only issue is that you do get slow download speeds so if someone or you have 111mb avatar or more it takes about two minutes to download them (about) AND every now and then you crash but it will always send you back to that same world instance. That’s the only thing but it beats the crap out of not loading into any worlds or changing avatar just to be an error bot