Relocation and Avatar Error Issues

Okay, this is something I want to ask those who are aware of VRC issues. But I’ve been having this issue for half a year, and I don’t know how to fix it. Apparently, every time I try to join or go to a specific world, it immediately kicks me back to my home world. The worst part is that it will take me to an Error world when I clear my cache, avatar cache, texture cache, and even my login to restart everything. After that, I had to sit and wait for a minute before rejoining the home world. The less worry is that the avatars are giving errors for my game. Every time a user loads in an avatar, an error avatar will automatically pop up. There will be times that I can and can NOT reload on my own avatars. I don’t know if this is a rare corrupted file for VRChat. But it had been annoying me ever since I started having this problem. And that’s why I barely go on the game anymore. Here are some tactics I have tried and fixed already:

  1. Go to Steam, properties on VRChat, and verify the files (I have done it over 20 times now. And even did it after closing the game and reopening it).

  2. Clearing every file they have on my computer (OC:/, User, AppData, LocalLow, VRChat), Even the game itself.

  3. Uninstalling before Reinstalling

  4. Check every update on my laptop (I have Alienware 15). And my Graphics.

  5. Go to VRChat home and put my avatar in Default mode before reopening my game.

I don’t know what else I am missing here, but I need help. I’m not very good at data or understanding files and other computer-related things. So, anyone who knows it, I would really appreciate your help.

(This is the video log proof of my issue.)

Have you tried contacting our Support team? They’d be glad to work through the problem with you!

I can try and do that! I’ll keep things in update and see wat happens!

Has this been solved?
If it has, can you put the solution somewhere close?