Dont load worlds and avatars

Hello. Recently, I don’t know exactly what this is connected with, but sometimes you go into the VRCHAT and everything loads normally, but some time passes and nothing loads, the loading of worlds freezes at 0.08-1% and does not load further, and with avatars Also, the internet speed is excellent. Only restarting the PC helps, but after a while it happens again. I read all possible manuals, opened ports, wrote commands supposedly to configure the Internet, it still doesn’t help, reinstalling the game with all the cleaning is also without options, as well as even reinstalling Windows. The question is, what is the reason for this and how can it be solved?

VRChat itself requires zero open ports if you’re talking about like telling your router to forward ports.

What happens if you try to open like a web browser, check sports, watch a YouTube short or two when VRChat isn’t wanting to do the thing?

Best bet is to try and check anything simple, like if it’s just VRChat having trouble, or if other things are.

Are you using weeefeeeeeees or a cable? What if instead of restarting the PC you restart the router? Don’t reset it. Too many people love to stab hard to reach buttons. Think: sleepy time instead.

This problem appears only in vrchat, in all other games, etc. everything is fine. Rebooted the router, the problem remained, connected via cable, similarly. As for ports, I was guided by this guide ( and similar guides to it.

And after all, the problem appears is not clear because of what. You can go into vrchat and everything will load as always, and you can at least stop afk and generally move away from the computer, but after an indefinite time, everything stops loading.

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