My Avatar Lags for Other People If I'm in a world too long

Ryzen 3600
Tomahawk B350 (Beta bios for 3000 series compatibility)
16gb ram 2400 mhz 4x4gb
M.2 ssd
1060 6gb

So basically if I’m in a world for too long I get complaints from everyone that any avatars I’m wearing just randomly start moving at 5fps, even if I’m running the game at 30 FPS.
The quick fix right now is just to reload the world, but sometimes I need to make sure the world master goes to an appropriate user within a club so that’s not always an option. Plus this only works for about 15-30 minutes depending on how packed the world is.

I’ve recently completely reinstalled windows to try and fix this issue to no avail. Had the problem the exact same night.

Any ideas on what could be causing this issues and any ideas how to fix it would be highly appreciated.

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I have the exact same problem.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor
6 Cores
Radeon RX 590 Series
8192 MB
GDDR5 2100 MHz
32 GB

I have 76 fps, I have 195 ping stable doesnt chance much other like like 5 up and down, Im playing the game on desktoplow settings, almost all of the safety settings are turned off like I dont see peoples avatars, avatar voice, animations, shaders, lights etc. even for friends only avatars and speaking etc. are on, I also have avatar limit of 100mb, I make the game work on high priority, all my drivers are updated.

The game is super smooth for me, my voice is also smooth to others but for some reason my avatar keeps teleporting around for others if i stay in an instance for longer than 10 minutes. I always check my ping too it is always stable. But when I reopen the game it gets fixed. My cache is always below 5gbs I clear it almost everytime Im leaving the game or when it lags.
I’ve searched many discussions about it and tried many other things. Even all the firewall and antivirus of windows 10 is disabled just in case if its the one bothering it. I dont have any other antivirus or third app like that too. I only run with discord and steam(+vrchat obviously). People with worse ping like around 300-350 doesnt teleport still. I still dont know what could be the problem and Im gonna go crazy over it. If you or anyone can fix it, can you help me out too? I have the same name inside the game and on Discord and other platforms like Steam etc. too

Edit: Im using an avatar with excellent performance. It doesnt have anything on it and animation of my avatar looks fine for now but for some other avatars with animations, it doesnt look fine. Depends on people too. For some people im lagging for some im not.