My tracking shows up very jittery or laggy for everyone but me

ive been having this problem more and more recently where the longer ill be in a world my tacking slowly gets worse and worse but only for other people on my side im not moving weird and its looks smooth for me until it gets like super bad and then i can notice it but 99% of the time im tracking completley smooth on my end and i look like a power point presentation to everyone else


When you say ‘your tracking’, do you mean your VR headset? Or something else like FBT tracking?

My first impression though is that if it looks fine to you but gets bad for everyone else (Movement and things I’m guessing?), then it might be a networking issue. Like, your connection is getting overburdened and starts buffering or something like that.

How long does it take until others start to notice? Hours or minutes?

im talking about my fbt and yeah i thought it could be that too but if i just rejoin the world or even if the person seeing me lagging rejoins then it fixes it so if it was only my internets fault then idk how someone else leaving and coming back would fix it for them cause at least to me that doesnt make sense but i could be wrong & it could just work like that too. and it depends some nights i go a long time without it happening and other times its happening through my whole play session

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Hmm… that’s odd.

I ha some ideas… but then when you say that your issue clears up when you reconnect or someone else does kinda blows that out of the water. The only thing I can really think of maybe is something with the world you’re in? Like, maybe if the world has a lot of people, or is really complicated/large?

The reconnection things is what’s sticking in my brain - it implies that it’ something that is being shared between you and others rather than being exclusively your problem.

I wish I had more to offer here. Maybe try to see if some things exacerbate the problem or if it becomes more consistent on one world as opposed to another. Paying close attention to the circumstances that seem to start manifesting the problem might give you some clues - like if words that are over 100mb seem to be more troublesome than smaller ones… or if everyone around you has really unoptimized or heavy avatars… are there a lot of particle systems with other players, or sound effects… it could be something like that. But it seems like it will most likely be something that you’re sharing with others.
Maybe try running with a stock VR Chat avatar for a bit and just see if that does anything.

Just throwing out ideas here. I wish I could be more helpful.

nah youre alright i appreciate the attempt to help anyway and as far as circumstances go i know that it happens quicker and more frequently the more people are in the world i’ve had this issue forever before they killed modding i think i had a mod that fixed it but they obviously did away with those so im just kinda fucked now lol

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I’ve seen a number of clubs who don’t allow less than a certain level of performance as it affects the FBT dancers and rather ruins the experience for everyone…

That said, adding to what @FalconiRabbit suggested , I would try using more optimized avatars and go to a place with a few friends who are also optimized.

If you’re in a public space with a bunch of poor or very poor avatars, and your lag is due to that, then as you say it could be exacerbating the issue.

If you don’t experience the same issues where everyone is optimized , then logic would say that was indeed the cause…

I’m not an FBT user myself, just going from observations I’ve noticed.

Would definitely like to know if that made a difference, or if it could be something else causing the “stuttering”

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yeh ive tried using more optimized models and hanging around less people like but it only really delays how long it takes for the problem to happen a little regardless it always happens just how long until it happens is usually whats affected by having more optimized stuff

Hello i have this same problem since months and i made a research about it and as i can say this is not internet problem because i used another computer on the same internet and this problem didnt happen on that computer and its curious because this happens even playing on desktop, even if people block your avatar and see you as a “ROBOT” you’re laggy for them too, this happens to a specific pc components as i can say… my other pc works fine but on this one its annoying to have this bug because people always say that why im laggy, and its very bizzarre because i saw other people with this same problem and the their movements looks very very bad and you can notice when you have this problem because in your perspective your game looks smooth, so my conclution its building a new computer or wait until vrchat made an update solving this bug, heres a video about this bug, my friend recorded me im kanizalez from the video and my perspective on the other video , i posted this problem on vrchat reddit but somehow my post was deleted by them LOL

plz open a Bug report and add all this.


The OP mentioned they were using FBT, are you using that too @inak ? Or just using three points (HMD and controllers)?

I’m curious if you’re tethered or wireless as well. I might suggest that if you’re using wireless modes for your Headset that maybe it has something to do with that?

Also - does it make any difference if you run in VR versus Desktop mode? If the issue occurs on one system and not the other, that can at least help narrow down the scope of the problem.

This problem happens to me in everyway possible, 3 points(HMD and controllers), using my FBT, or playing on my desktop. my avatar starts looking lagging to others after spending 15,20 minutes on a game world

I am playing via Ethernet, and Via Cable when using my VR (Meta Software).

This is so weird because when i play on my other computer (Ryzen 9 5900x) ON THE SAME INTERNET, SAME ROUTER, SAME CABLE i dont have this problem and i played with my VR , FBT for HOURS!! and my avatar was smooth all the time… also i can say i used my same GPU on both computers, so is not GPU related… its more like motherboard or CPU, this issue affect some computer components i guess. we need to wait until vrchat make some update to fix this issue because its really bizzarre like i’ve seen other people with this same problem as me on game and the way that they dont look synchronized like everyone else feels very bad its like ruining metaverse experience.

Could be a NIC issue on that computer. Maybe a packet buffering or packet sizing setting issue? Maybe take a look at both of those machines - the one the works and the one that doesn’t - and try to look at the deltas between them.

I’m not sure that it’s necessarily a VRChat problem unless there are known hardware issues for running it that I’m not aware of, but that wouldn’t account for the issue happening on your HMD since the hardware is standard and it works on your other computer. A common theme here is the computer so I would focus your troubleshooting efforts there.

Well yeah after all the troubleshooting i did, i made the conclution that this is related to CPU or Motherboard most motherboard, also i knew 6 people who had the same motherboard “b350 tomahawk” and they all had this same problem… it should be a very very very specific thing on the motherboard… i have a different one “z690-p” and yeah i met other people who had this problem with the same z690 or others who have like x670-p so i think the serie “-p” have something specific that affects Vrchat synchronization with other people… i cant know because im not an expert. and the guys who are supposed to solved this problem “VrChat Team” they dont even reply to my support tickets anymore its like they dont have interest on solving this bizzarre bug, i even stop paying my vrc+ because of that…

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Here’s a thing I found that might help.
It talks about some settings that might cause framerate issues like what you might be seeing.

Again, not exactly the same issue you’re having but maybe digging into more of the settings this person adjusts might reveal something?

Hmm well the “avatar laggy” bug even happens when im playing on my desktop, im pretty sure doesnt have anything to do with steamvr,

This bug its happening to me since i builded this computer like its brand new, like im sure its 1000000% hardware compatibility to vrchat because in other games i dont have that problem…

but well since i ask vrchat team for help and they dont even reply to me and since like changing motherboard its the only solution for this bug and its not 100% warranted because some motherboards will make this bug and other not. its like a flip coin, well since i asked so many people who have this bug about their motherboards here is the list of motherboard that might make this bug on game;

B350 tomahawk
Pro x690-P

H81M-Plus this one is special because one of the persons who had this bug manage to fix it (temporally) by doing this steps

i hope this helps some people who tries to solve this annoying bug

Also i made a post in vrchat bugs forum people who have this problem can vote on the website so vrchat team will take a closer eye Canny


Ok so my solution for this “Avatar LAg Problem” was building a new different computer XD,
also one of my friends had the same CPU as me old one i7 12700k but he had a different motherboard so we made the test to see if he had the same problem as me, and NO he didnt lag, so im sure this is 100000% motherboard problem something very very specific because with my new computer im still connected to my same internet as i used before!


I also changed the motherboard and solved it. I think it’s a problem because the power supply is low.

So, I was also having this issue where after about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours where it got really noticeable.

I would become progressively laggier in an instance the longer I stayed, until I basically became as the OP said, “Like a powerpoint presentation”. This could be temporarily fixed by me just rejoining the instance after 1 hour and I’d look fine but it certainly got annoying and if I had joined a busy world for a queue, I just had to deal with it. I couldn’t find any information regarding why this was happening anywhere, other than this thread exactly describing my issue.

I then noticed that the MSI Tomahawk B350 motherboard was also mentioned here, which happened to be the motherboard I was using too. I had this tracking issue with both my 2600X and 5800X3D CPUs, my game was installed on multiple different drives, I added a new higher quality power supply and increased my ram. None of these made any difference.

I can confirm however, now that I’ve stopped using my B350 Tomahawk and went to a B550 chipset (with no other hardware changes) my issue is now resolved and I no longer stutter in game with my tracking. Perhaps there’s something specific about the B350 Tomahawk in general that people should be warned about.

Either way, decided to hop back into this thread in-case other people we’re also still having this issue, rather than just coming back and saying “I fixed it”.