VCC UdonSharp Upgrade Issue with USharpVideo


Because of a feature I was trying to implement, I needed to upgrade UdonSharp from 0.20.x to 1.x+. I migrated my project in VCC and got UdonSharp 1.1.6.

Ever since this, my USharpVideo player is not working. Some of the buttons work, but the main URL field and lock button do not work. I needed to unpack the prefab and then “Force Upgrade” in Udon.

I was curious if anyone else was having these issues. The player isn’t throwing any errors as far as I can see. The only thins is that VRCUrlField seems to be broken/missing. Trying to import it, it complains that it is an “Editor script”. Is there anything I can try?

I am just frustrated that I had to go through the effort of upgrading my project, but now a basic, widely used video player is not working. Is there no one else that ran into this issue? Is it a matter of waiting for the USharpVideo developer to update their project?

It’s Unity failing to import the VRC Url Input field script because of a bug with the editor. Go to VRChat SDK > Reload SDK. If that doesn’t work, do it a few dozen more times. If that doesn’t work make a new project.

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Sorry, forgot to update.

I just downgraded the Base and World SDKs from 3.1.10 to 3.1.9 and back up to 3.1.10. I then reimported USharpVideo and added a new USharpVideo prefab into the scene. It seems to have fixed the issue.