VCC Migration Problem

I’m trying to migrate my avatar and world projects to use VCC, but it always ends up breaking something.
In my world project it breaks everything that uses udon and loses refrences, i’ve tried different methods to fix it but it does not work. Even just making a new gameobject and putting the udon script on there its still broken.

In my avatar project it seems to break the gesture layer and i do not even know what is going wrong.

Do anyone else have similar problems like this?

I am looking for help with this as well. I’ve tried migrating over a project that has a lot of scripts, and after the migration, the project no longer will open in Unity. (crashes Unity) I would like to update things manually before migration so I can see what it is doing, but I cannot find where to download the current version of udon sharp as a unity package.

Is there a log file or ‘manual’ mode for the migration utility to find out what the problem is, and to see what exactly it’s doing?