Switching to Android:AndroidPlayer is disabled after installing correct Android Support

I am currently using Unity 2019.4.31f1, and I am trying to make an avatar of mine quest compatible. I had an old version of the Android Support module, so I deleted it and installed the 2019.4.31f1 version.
Yet, I am still receiving the “Switching to Android:AndroidPlayer is disabled” error in Unity when I attempt to Switch Build Target to Android.
Does anyone know what I can do about this issue?

If you go to the log you can sometimes get more information about an error, particularly if it’s from a script or an internal unity error.

Did you ask the unity hub to add android build support, or is that from a separate download?

Well, on Unity hub, I checked that I wanted it to have the android thing when I was downloading Unity. But when I went to upload the avatar, it had that error, so I went to the download page for my version of Unity and downloaded the android support from there.

Does the unity hub offer to install or uninstall the android build support? Wondering about it’s opinion on the matter.

Seems like the installation was not finished, because it should just work.

This is what I installed (the android support).

I installed it, but it seems to keep… disappearing from the folder that it downloads to?? I downloaded it yesterday, and it was in my files, as shown in the second photo on the beginning post of this thread, but I checked that same folder just now and the AndroidPlayer folder was missing. I am going to try installing it again.

With that being said, do I also need to have this installed for the process to work?
I had previously installed it but then uninstalled it because I thought that I did not need it.

When you install it like that does it bring in the general android build components? When I installed the build support via the unity hub it offered to download some other items like java and android ndk.

Interestingly enough the Unity Hub doesn’t show me that I’ve installed Android Build Support. At least in that screen. In the Installs list its fine

Click on Installs, then the gear icon next to Unity 2019.4.31f1, and “Add Modules”

The installer might only install “Android Build Support” with the assumption that you’ll handle the OpenJDK and the SDK/NDK installation.

My C:\Program Files\Unity Hub does not have an Editor directory. Oh I see, Unity\Hub and Unity Hub both exist.

Uninstalling the entire Unity Editor might account for missing extras for that particular Unity version.

I got everything to work now, thank you so much for your help.