Suggestion for a new rank. I'm not quite sure what optional tag to place this under

So I’ve been playing Vr chat for around 800-900 hours I’m a Known User (If that matters) and I’ve met a lot of great people from around the world I always try my absolute best to be friendly to everyone that plays regardless of rank and it’s been a great experience! But when it comes to player ranks quite a number of Trusted and Known users that I have met and or seen are kind of for a lack of a better term “Asshats” and are rude especially towards New Users and Visitors. I know that they are not all like that but when I meet/see a number of these people they say for example “Go away I don’t like to talk to people of (x) rank” or they just don’t like to socialize at all even when they are in a public world. I understand that we can report these people but If I’m being honest a lot of those New Users and Visitors just don’t think to do it and they just leave the world and get discouraged to continue playing VR. I understand there are people who troll others of those 2 ranks but it still doesn’t make it right to just set a standard for all of them(talking about the Known and Trusted Users who do so). Uploading new avatars and new worlds doesn’t mean you are a nice and friendly person.

I just wanted to explain why You (the developers) could/should add a new rank. The rank could be a whole new rank on its own or a “Sub rank” so to speak. The possible names I had in mind could be “Friendly User” “Community User” " Samaritan User" “Accepted User”. For what could be grounds to gain the rank should at the very least be Friends playtime and visited worlds or You (the Developers) could review this person. Whether its direct contact or indirect. Could people abuse this and be mean? Yes of course just as they could abuse being a Known or Trusted. All I just want people and many others (whether its a visitor or a new user or whomever) to be able to see someone with this rank and say “I could talk to them and not be immediately be shut down because I’m a New User or Visitor”. I just really hope You (The Developers) see this and can get an idea of what I’m trying to put forward. If this doesn’t get the attention of the devs. You guys those who agree, please get this post/thread out there whether it’s to the devs themselves or other players of VR Chat.


I think this is a great idea! I know they implemented a nuisance rank for players quite some time ago, see here: But having more ranks or even sub-categories could be a way to make players profiles stand out, and also show those being trouble makers. Much like how a world can have tags to let people know if there is a stage or video player, they could implement that to a user profile as well.
As an example, someone can put in their own tags as a “Dancer” or “Motivational Speaker”. Then the Dev team can make a set of tags that are generated based on reports and, much like other social media platforms, a Verified Tag.

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I think the real solution isn’t more ranks, but fewer.

Get rid of Known and Trusted user and just keep Visitor/New User/User. Those are the only ones that function as any sort of content gate, with New User unlocking avatar uploads and User unlocking pushing worlds to Community Labs.

I’ve been against the idea of “ranks” since the beginning, though it has gotten significantly better than when it first was released. The toxicity from that time was something to behold, with people from lower ranks mass-blocking people from higher ranks to try to de-rank them, lots of resentment about not being the top rank, etc.

It’s why I’m incognito/appear as user 100% of the time.

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