Question about user rank

I’ve been playing vrc for a year now or so now, and have gotten up to known user. But, i cleared out my friends list recently for various reasons, and am now under the friends list requirements for known user rank. I know time played also effects user rank, so I was wondering, is it an either/or system, or do I need both to keep my rank? Will my rank go down because I cleared my friends list, or will I keep my rank because of the hours I’ve played the game?

While the specifics of how much certain things contribute towards trust rank are intentionally left unknown, it’s not something you need to ‘maintain’.
Things that contribute towards raising your trust are additive “points” that level you up, not a live counter that places your ranking on a spectrum.

Your trust rank generally only goes down if you’re often reported, muted, blocked, etc. by other users.