I cannot publish any avatars

Hey I was planning to publish an avatar for a friend, he setup a world and I wanted to contribute.
Apparently I can’t publish any avatars because I need to spend more time in VRChat, despite me being on for 2 years, why?

Oh you did make a thread for this, good.

I tried looking you up on the VRChat website thingy and one question it raised, is do you have no bio, or does the website just not trust me with reading your bio? I saw a post about this on the reddit, and the user came back a few hours later mentioning they added a bio and then got the email about being upgraded from visitor to new user in an amount of time.

I forget if it was 10mins or an hour

Personally I only added a bio because a bunch of people complained about it.

Maybe more friends would help? Hang out with non friends in public? The trust system has a goal to optimize giving trust to the most real players, while giving the least to how the bad actors do things. So it’s going to be wonky.

What trust level are you currently?

If you are still (somehow after two years) a visitor… what exactly have you been doing for two years? You probably want to go play in some pub servers and make a few friends to boost your trust level.